“Bad Salads” – Are There Really Such Things?

I know that salads are universally regarded as some of the best food we can eat to burn fat.

BUT . . .

Yes, there is a ‘but’ . . and it can even be spelt ‘BUTT’ because some salads are indeed bad.

They are bad for your waistline (and butt) and they are bad for your overall health too.

There are some so-called healthy salads that you – quite simply – should never eat.

A friend of mine who is a top nutrionalist, Joel Marion,  has written about this has a free report you can download at this link.

“The 10 Worst Salads For Your Waistline” is a great free report that I would recommend for the top dietary tips you’ll receive.

Just click the link here and get your free “Bad Salads” report from Joel.

It’s worth the read. I promise.





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