Fat Burning Fact #3: Become a Heavy Drinker

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Hahah . . okay I’m not suggesting you take to the bottle – in terms of alcohol, at least – but the water bottle is key to weight loss.


You must keep the body hydrated and you can actually retain “water weight” if you’re not drinking enough, rather than drinking too much.

Although the actual amount of water is different for all of us, the generally recommended amount is around 64 ounces.

Also, when drinking the water will take up more space in your tummy and make you feel fuller.

But if you want a few tips on having water in a ‘less boring’ way then consider this exercising with water, if you’re not already, or adding a slice of lemon or lime to give it a bit of bite.

You can also drink warm or hot water, sipping as you watch television or read just as you might with coffee.

Whatever you do, keep drinking.

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