My No Think Diet Review – A No Brainer?

One of the latest diets to hit the internet is the NoThinkDiet from “Dr  and which features a bunch of celebs (well, kind of B-class celebs unless you consider the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to be A-graders.)

And so the marketing features a lot of these people but I’m always interested in the safety and effectiveness of any diet, and the NoThinkDiet is one that requires some actual thinking.

Here’s the essence of the diet – it stresses healthy eating which is my own Number 1 objective in weight loss.  So rather than cutting out foods, the No Think Diet program is designed to help people to eat property.

It is therefore an instruction on how to eat properly to lose weight – which is exactly what a good diet should do (in my opinion).

Nothing wrong with that at all.

Big tick, in fact.

The diet promotes simplicity, which is also good, so long as it all makes sense (from a nutritional and a common sense viewpoint).

There are step by step guidelines, which is easy to follow and provides some sensible tips on how and what to eat.

The diet also works hard to ensure toxins are removed from the body at its commencement, which can hinder weight loss and also reduce your body’s immunity.

This process is good for anyone – whether you’re seeking to shed pounds or not.  Ensuring that toxins are removed from the body is one of the best ways anyone can lose weight.

My focus with my blog is safety first dieting.  Particularly for women wanting to lose weight fast and women who want to lose weight after pregnancy, it is sooo important to practice safe eating and weight loss sensibly.

Sound Diet Tips

One of the things I HATE about some diets is their ability to provide often flaky advice based on supposedly sound scientific and nutritional knowledge, but which are often downright dangerous.

Who wrote the NoThinkDiet?

I do believe it’s so important to know who is writing about nutrition and diets.

Okay, I’m not a qualified nutritionist or doctor, but I have worked and studied to learn as much as many I believe.  And I’ve succeeded in helping people lose weight safely.

The NoThinkDiet is written by Dr Charles Livingston (below), who is well known in the diet business.  He’s also a board certified chiropractic physician, a certified wellness practitioner and also a certified advanced nutritionist.

The No Think Diet is focused on longer term weight loss, which is exactly my philosophy.  There are fast-fix ways to lose weight certainly, but for long term weight loss, the best way is for sound eating and exercise.

Exercise Advice Helps

Similarly, providing good exercise advice is also extremely helpful and the NTD looks at those factors as well.

The exercises in the diet are simple and gentle to start with and do not become at all excessive during the course of the diet routine.  They are very effective in terms of helping build and sustain the fat loss program.

The Pros and Cons

Pros – The NoThinkDiet takes a sensible approach to weight loss based upon good eating practices.  I like that and the tips are good.

It also cleverly introduces exercise in a moderate manner to build in with the sensible eating.  That is great.  Exercise is fundamental to good weight loss that is sustainable.

The diet adds in diet logs and videos which make it easy to follow along in a manner that really makes the whole exercise as simple and painless as possible.

Plus . . very important . . The No Think Diet also provides a sound money back guarantee. Crucial for any product like this.

Cons – I’m not overly fussed on ‘celebrity endorsed’ weight loss systems and frankly it raises my hackles somewhat.  However, that’s life.  What’s more important is whether the system works.  This does.

It costs a (relatively small amount) of money, but the advice is sensible and will shed pounds, so what is a few dollars?

My Verdict – This is as four star system worthy of the investment. Building sensible nutrition with exercise is unquestionably the best way to lose weight and keep it off.

The NoThinkDiet link (affiliate link).

Let me know your own thoughts.  I’d love to hear.




Another benefit of the NoThinkDiet program is the resources that are provided. The program includes video lessons, exercise, and diet logs, allowing clients to check their progress and ensure that they are meeting goals. There is also a convenient section that allows clients to set goals and tick them off as they achieve them – a powerful motivational tool.

Removing Harmful Toxins from the Body

The first two weeks of the eating plan focus in ridding the body of toxins that are in the body. These toxins can be responsible for preventing weight loss and lowering immune function. Once immunity has been lowered, the body becomes defenseless against stress, disease, and low energy levels.

Avoiding Foods that Contain “Hidden” Sugars

Many common food items such as bananas and soy mile contain large amounts of sugar. These sugars can harm the body by disrupting hormone levels. Once the hormone levels are unbalanced, weight loss efforts will be halted.

Easy to Follow Healthy Meal Checklists

Whether eating out or cooking a meal at home, the NoThinkDiet program provides clients with an easy to follow that does not require drastically changing every eating habits. As long as the food choices are nutritious, the body will absorb the odd amount of “unhealthy” food and weight loss efforts will not be derailed.

Foods that Support the Body’s Metabolic Function

The No Think Diet emphasizes the importance of consuming food that promotes overall health. Foods that help the body shed fat quickly and safety are essential. In speeding up the metabolism, more calories will be burned throughout the day.

Moderate Exercise

Consistent exercise can be highly beneficial. No Think Diet suggests that clients include small amounts of exercise into the daily routine. Without having to spend hours at the gym, the program recommends that 30 minutes of exercise 2-3 times a week is advantageous for reaching weight loss goals.

No Think Diet – $47.00

With the purchase of the No Think Diet comes a long list of additional items, all offered at no additional cost. These bonus items include:

– Unlimited Access to NoThinkDiet Weight Loss Community

– Personal Diet Generator

– Recipe Book

With these additional resources, users of the No Think Diet will be able to start their weight loss journey, reaching goals they never thought possible before.

Do I Recommend the NoThinkDiet?  

Yes – with the reservation that it requires sensible eating together with the advice and tips offered.

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