The Fat Decimator Review . . And The Thing I HATE About This Diet*

The Fat Decimator – Another ‘blockbuster’ diet from a master diet salesman.  And my big question is whether this is the real deal – or not?  Scam or science-based sense?

And the one thing I HATE about this diet*

When I first heard about the Fat Decimator it was from a subscriber who referred it to me to review because she believed it was something that worked and was effective where others had failed – but something concerned her.

And it concerned me, too.

The problem with diet programs like Decimator is that they tend to come onto the market thick and fast and promise a ton of great, safe results along with a usually colorful backstory.

The Decimator diet seemed to fit that bill to a tee and frankly I tend to swerve past them.  It’s too pat, too well turned out, too hyped and often too little safety in what is being offered.

So What Did I Find?

So what happened, here?  I gave the Fat Decimator to three friends, who also subscribe to my blog and know my feelings on these matters.  I asked them to be brutally frank about what they found and I also wanted to personally look at the results they achieved.

The Fat Decimator Diet or System says it is designed to permit “almost anyone” (he says) to lose  21 pounds in 21 days.

Now, that’s a lot of weight to lose very fast. One of my tenet in fat burning programs is to ensure weight loss is handled safely and (relatively) quickly. Is 21 pounds in 21 days realistic and safe?

It depends on a number of factors – lifestyle, existing weight, dietary issues, metabolism – a host of factors in fact and so such claims can be extravagant and simply incorrect.

Diet Decimator originator, former marine  Kyle Cooper (there’s part of the backstory)  says the program started with his meeting
a Korean medical student while serving in Afghanistan and claims to be revolutionary in the way it goes about burning fat.

Essentially there are three, key elements:

1 Detoxyfying through diet in order to cleanse the body (along with some special foods that may be considered bad, but which can help you
burn fat faster than ever);

2. Exercise routines that permit a boost in metabolism and can rapidly speed up weight loss, and

3. Mindset – the motivation and willpower to permit fast and permanent weight loss.

The Problems

Frankly, a few things gave some cause for concern, including the emphasis on salt as a means to break down food more efficiently.

There have been many, myself included, who have been on something of an anti-salt thing for some time however there is no question that if eaten at the right time and in the right quantities, salt can actually help balance the PH levels in the body and help with the fat burning processes.

It can also help boost energy levels (again, if consumed properly and at the right time).

So that conformed with much of what I have been interested in for some time.  But I also wanted to monitor what my friends, the testers if you like, found about the diet.

Did they lose the weight they sought to?

Well the results showed:  2 lost just under the 21 pounds and one lost 23 pounds in three weeks.

That’s impressive, frankly, but the question is whether the program is sufficient to keep that fat off.  They feel confident, in part because the Decimator permits some favorite foods to be retained.

And that is important in dieting, which is about burning fat rather than muscle.

It complies with another key facet of my ‘dietary beliefs’, which is that losing weight is not all about calories, which is a measure of food energy.

There is much more to losing weight than simply restricting calorie intake, it’s more ‘holistic’ than that, which is something the Decimator program recognises.

Pros and Cons

Pros:  The Fat Decimator dispels the salt myth, which is actually essential to good health and can rapidly assist in burning fat.  I’m glad to see a diet that addresses this and deals with it like this.

It takes a sensible and proven look at the use of some heavy cardio exercises that can be health-damaging

It also has a full money-back guarantee (and essential in my book).

Cons:  The food advice regarding that being advanced is fine so far as it goes, but it’s ‘packaged’ rather than elaborated upon.  Food choices so far as healthy foods go requires comprehensive knowledge and the system tends to oversimplify in my view.

*Oh yes, the thing I HATE about this diet – the sexist nonsense image used to market it.  I’m tired of pretty women looking at men’s abs as a means to sell a diet.  Ughh!

My Verdict – I give this 4.5 stars because the bonuses from the purchase link (an affiliate link) are actually excellent and yours to keep regardless, but the system addresses the 2 issues that have been badly beaten up in the diet business – the salt-attacks and the cardio over-emphasis.  Plus my test group showed pretty impressive results

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